Microsoft Windows® and Apple MacOS® software applications designed specifically for for family & local historians, genealogists, biographers, and the like to manage and organise their research activity


The research notebook and document manager.

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  • New product release

    Today saw the newest software release from Ausgen Family History Services, Gedcom Builder for both Windows and MacOS.


  • Site Consolidation

    Ausgen Family History Services has consolidated all of its websites under the single site

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Gedcom Builder

Create Gedcom files from Excel® spreadsheets


The research notebook and document Manager

What makes our software different

Software developed by Ausgen Family History Services is not designed to replace the lineage linked software packages used by family historians world wide, but to complement them by providing  applications that provide organised, user defined and searchable structures in which to store and manage the supporting evidence and miscellaneous tidbits collect along the research journey, information such as that about towns and locations, local and historical events, as well as that about your ancestors.


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