Gedcom Builder

Excel to Gedcom conversion utility

Gedcom Builder enables the conversion of primary information stored in an Excel® spreadsheet into a Gedcom5.5 file. It is designed to function on both Windows® and MACOS®platforms.

Key features:

  • Creates formatted Excel® template for entering information to be converted.
  • Accepts Birth, Death and Marriage information, including parents names.
  • Has the functionality to tag individuals where they also exist as parents


The Password Manager

Keywi is designed to manage passwords and software license/subscription information.

A easy to use desktop application available for personal computers running Apple MacOS® and Windows® operating systems.

It is supported by a database, protected with 256bit encryption to prevent prying eyes. If required, the application can be password locked by the user with a user defined password which is also stored in the encrypted database.

Genota Date Calculator

Utility program

Genota Date Calculator is a simple utility which enables the calculation of event dates for both Windows® and MACOS® operating systems.
Key features include:

  • Calculate the timespan between 2 dates
  • Calculate an event date based on the period lapsed between it an a  secondary date.
  • Obtain the day of the week for any date.

Genota Groups

Membership Management
Genota Groups is a lightweight membership management application designed for small organisations such as family history societies and the like.

Key features include: